Bishop Robert Bolton, Jr.

is an ordinary guy that has a passion and love for God and for God’s people. From a child he had this innate desire to help people and never fathomed this would manifest as a Pastor in God’s church. Bishop Bolton enjoys life and ministry with his beautiful, gifted, and anointed wife Elder Lady Lashelle Bolton who together share a blended family of 5 children.

Bishop Bolton was raised by his mother in Newburgh, NY and credits her fervent prayers for helping him navigate through many tough times and lessons that life can teach. Though he was raised with a reverence for God and the church, it wasn’t until 1997 that his relationship with God really intensified and became meaningful with true revelation of who God really is in Jesus Christ.

Bishop Bolton has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Liberty University and a secondary in religion and will continue his education in Ministry and Theology. He has also trained in AFC Leadership Class under the leadership of Archbishop Ray King. Bishop Bolton secular career has been in Business Leadership since 1999 and served as a United States Air Force soldier during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

Bishop Bolton has served in various areas of Ministry prior to Pastoral Leadership. Those areas include Youth Ministry Servant Leader, Marriage Ministry Servant Leader, Men’s Fellowship Servant Leader, Ambassador for Christ Leadership Team, Sunday School Teacher, Armor Bearer Ministry to name a few.

Bishop Robert Bolton Pastored the assembly at St John AUMP Church in Goshen, NY from December 2010 – December 2013; after which founded One Accord Christian Church, Newburgh on January 1, 2014 where he now serves. He was consecrated as an Overseer in the Lord’s Church in February 2014 and in December of 2016 was consecrated to the office of Bishop in the Lord Church and First Presider of R. King Ministries serving with his spiritual father Archbishop Ray King. Bishop Bolton formed the Fellowship “Bringing Men Back Ministries” (BMBM) in 2017; a ministry to help men take their rightful place in homes, church’s, and communities.

The Ministry of Bishop Bolton stands on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It endeavors to minister and make whole the “Total Man” that they may live wholesome lives and receive the gift of salvation and eternal life.